Northpass sees a 105% increase in conversion rates on paid landing pages

"I showed our CEO the Tourial engagement data within HubSpot and he said, “THIS IS FIRE”. We could see our customer's path from browsing our homepage to our product page, and then engaging with our Tourial for 2+ mins!"
Dan Westmoreland
Director of Demand Generation


increase in paid landing page conversions


increase in "time on page" for pages with Tourials


of Tourial leads turned into qualified opps


CTR increase for outbound emails with a Tourial


increase in paid landing page conversions


increase in "time on page" for pages with Tourials

About Northpass

Northpass is building a new category of learning management systems (LMS). Their platform gives managers a better way to train teams, customers, and partners on their brand, product, and best practices. Their feature suite enables business professionals with low to no e-learning expertise to easily create and deliver original online training content that engages learners and improves business outcomes.

Leading companies such as Airbnb, Shopify and Uber rely on Northpass each day to train over two million learners worldwide.

The Challenge

Northpass’s product is more sophisticated and full-featured so they weren’t able to offer free trials for their target market. However, creating additional product pages, videos, and graphics and adding them to their website wasn’t helping drive top-of-funnel conversions as much as they'd like.

Why Tourial

  • Northpass wanted the flexibility to create a realistic product experience without the complexity of being inside their own application.
  • They wanted something that had the "feeling of product-led but on guardrails".

The Results

Northpass initially launched their Tourial and promoted it as a homepage CTA button. They also used it within marketing nurture campaigns, outbound emails, and paid ad campaigns. Since launching their first Tourial, the Northpass team has seen huge improvements throughout their funnel.

Tourial Breakdown


Platform Walk-through


Homepage CTA pop-up


Website hero CTA
Paid search
Paid social
Outbound emails
Marketing nurtures


SaaS Application
Learning Management System & Customer Education

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