How to crush demand with Tourial’s new native engagement integration with Marketo

How to crush demand with Tourial’s new native engagement integration with Marketo
Blake Mascali

August 23, 2022

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When buyers engage with your website, emails or your ads, they’re on the hunt. They’re searching for something and they’re yearning for someone to give it to them on a silver platter.

They want information, understanding, and true comprehension — so they can make a decision and get back to work (or Netflix).

As the marketer, interactive product tours make you the hero of their story, dishing out product experiences that entertain and educate fast.

They do it so well, in fact, that the interactions buyers take in your tours have value of their own. The longer they spend in your tours, the more they click, the more qualified they become. 

It’s like a pipeline factory, filling your buyers full of product knowledge and value props then stamping them with a bow and shipping them to your sales team. 

This means you really need to know which prospects stepped into your product experience, which ones clicked around and who stayed in there the longest. If you know that, then you know who’s most likely to talk to your sales team and buy right then and there.

Well here’s something for YOU on a silver platter… Tourial’s new Marketo Engagement Integration takes all that crazy valuable data, flings it into Marketo and stamps it right on the forehead of each of your contacts like a sticky note that says “gift for sales”. 

Wondering how to capitalize on all this goodness? Here’s 3 ways Tourial’s Engagement Integration with Marketo is going to knock your socks off.

1. Automate campaigns to target the buyers that are most likely to actually buy

Wish you could improve the abysmal % of buyers that actually make it through a marketing campaign and become revenue? Maybe you can, if you know where to cast your line.

When 100 buyers enter one of your product tours and 53 of them invest the time to click all the way through, you don’t just want to know who they are, you want to message them RIGHT NOW! 

So do it, in Marketo. 

Create lists of high-intent buyers (prospects that reach a specific threshold like ‘spent 45+ seconds in the tour’) and set campaigns in Marketo to trigger automatically. 

You impressed them with your product tour, now it’s time to push them toward the finish line. See what that does for your conversion rates! 🤓 

2. Ping your sellers every time a lead takes a tour, automatically

No one gets more excited than sales when they know a prospect is digging around in your Tourials. With engagement data flowing into Marketo you can automate real-time notifications that your sellers will chomp down like tic-tacs.

You can alert them in Slack or via email with the engagement metrics they care about, like how long did they spend in a tour? And who’s the lead owner? 

Imagine the look on your seller’s face when they’ve been trying to get a hold of this contact for weeks and you show them that person just spent 2 minutes clicking through a product tour. 

Sounds like it's time for a call! 📲

You can also add Tourial engagement data to Marketo’s 'Interesting Moments’ and give your sales team an even better view of their prospect’s activities across your tours, emails and other pages on your site. 

They’ll love you for it, and so will your pipeline. 😍

3. Prove to yourself (or your boss) that Tourial makes you money

So, you’re giving your buyers a world-class experience. Yeah, that’s cool I guess — as long as you know it’s actually paying off! 🤔

You don’t just want your buyers hanging out in your product tours, you want them sprinting through the buyer's journey trying to pull their wallet out as they run.

How do you know these things really work? Just take a look inside Marketo.

As buyers book demos, become opportunities, close and end up as a logo on your monthly marketing report, what you need to attribute those dollars to your product tours is right there waiting for you. Hop into Marketo and see what that lead did in your tours before they converted. 

Maybe they took a tour and jumped straight to your lead form. Maybe they converted 2 days later. Or, perhaps they viewed 3 more tours after their demo to show their boss how awesome your product is!

Whatever they did in there, you’ll know it was Tourial that influenced your pipe. 😊

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