14 use cases for Tourials across your funnel

14 use cases for Tourials across your funnel
Shonna Bairos

July 12, 2021

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Get your product out there in the world! Your entire revenue strategy from the top of the funnel on down relies on providing information to your visitors and buyers on exactly what they’re looking for.

Most of the time what they’re looking for is more product information. They want to know how it works, what it does, how it solves their problems…without contacting you and/or before they sign up.

So let’s explore all the ways you can use Tourials across your funnel to drive up conversion rates, fill your pipeline with more qualified leads, and accelerate your deal cycles.

1. Website

This one is obvious. But what’s the best way to implement it? We see the most success when customers create a stand-alone page (ie. /product-tour/) or a collection page of Tourials (ie. /tours/) and then house multiple feature Tourials on them.

On average, customers see a 25-35% increase in conversions when adding Tourials to their website.

Tip: If you're going to create a Platform Tourial that encapsulates your entire product, make it a Choose Your Adventure Tourial so that your visitors can find what they’re looking for easily and quickly.

2. Outbound

99% of your emails get ignored…until now! On average, customers see a 10-20% increase in response rates as a result of including Tourials in their outbound email campaigns.

What’s the best way to use them in your outbound motion? A second, third, or final email in a cadence is where we see them perform best.

3. Feature release

When announcing a new product, feature release, or platform update, Tourials work great because they're interactive and give your prospects the ability to experience a feature without needing to be inside of your application.

Expect to see around a 5-10% bump in engagement and interest for the feature.

Tip: New product not live yet? Use your Figma (or any design tool) files like screenshots, and upload them to Tourial to create a live experience of the feature before it ever hits your live environment!

4. Post demo leave behind

Companies are constantly running demo after demo for new stakeholders and dragging on the sales cycle. We send long videos, white papers, case studies, and collateral that are never viewed, so we don’t know if anyone other than the champion is bought in. Send Tourials instead!

Expect to cut 5-20 days off your deal cycles because now stakeholders who didn’t participate on the first or second demo are able to get the information they need from the Tourial being circulated internally to drive faster buy-in.

5. Pre demo prep

If you want your demos to be more engaging, your prospects to be more prepared, and your sales cycle much shorter, then send Tourials before the meeting and prep them on your product before the call.

Expect to see a 5-10% increase in close rates.

6. Email nurtures

When using Tourials in your email nurture campaigns, we’ve seen leads score up faster compared to the generic email nurtures that try and get them to register for a webinar, read a case study, or watch a video.

Expect to see your leads score up at a 6-10% quicker rate.

7. Events and kiosks

You don’t have to have someone at the booth all day running through a demo environment when an attendee walks up. Instead, a self-guided Tourial can be used to let them poke around without a sales rep hovering.

Expect to see about a 3-5% bump in leads from booths as a result of event traffic actually understanding the product without having to listen to someone explain it.

8. Paid search

Paid media is expensive, but when someone is searching for your category (or your brand), they want to understand your product. Case studies and testimonials are great, but no one is reaching out or signing up for something they don’t understand.

Expect to see a 15-20% increase in conversions, especially when using a Tourial as a site link so that visitors can click directly to the Tourial.

Tip: Companies also see a lot of success when gating Tourials in paid search campaigns to capture the lead info.

9. Email signature

Not every email has to include a Tourial, but including it in your signature can result in a 7-12% increase in email engagement as a result of just adding a link to a Tourial in it.

10. Post demo request

What does your demo request (or sign-up) follow-up process look like? If it includes a Tourial, the likelihood of bringing that deal across the finish line just went up 7-13%.

11. Social media

When promoting Tourials across social media (paid or organic), you might just see a 9-13% increase in engagement and clicks.

Tip: Build mobile responsive Tourials when promoting on social media since, as we all know, most folks will be on their mobile devices!

12. Display ads

No one clicks display ads anymore unless they have something of value. What’s more valuable than giving someone the ability to check out your product. Tourials within display ads are great for retargeting but also for awareness.

We've seen as high as an 11% increase in clicks as a result of your ads promoting your Tourials.

13. Partner marketing

For those with partner networks, Tourials make for an incredible asset they can use to market and sell your product. It's a reliable way to make sure partners are keep your messaging consistent when they promote your product while you're not around!

14. Expansion and upsells

Tourials are a great tool to highlight value-add features only available on specific products or plans. Customer success teams can send Tourials to existing customers to show the value of upgrading.  


Whew, that's a lot of use cases! To learn more about how to implement these use cases and leverage Tourials across your entire funnel, book some time with our team. We'll show you how easy they are to build in just a few minutes!

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