11 ways to promote Tourials across your website

11 ways to promote Tourials across your website
Shonna Bairos

February 22, 2022

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So you’ve built a Tourial — now what? How will you promote it on your website? Well, we can help with that! One of the most powerful things about Tourials is that you’re basically unlimited in the ways you can promote them.

We’ve rounded up 11 ways you can showcase Tourials across your site along with some customer examples so you can see it IRL. Let’s dive in!

1. Homepage hero CTA

Promote your Tourial front and center and grab your visitor’s attention as soon as they land on your website! Simply add a Tourial CTA alongside a Demo Request or Free Trial CTA, or let it shine all on its own — and watch your conversion rates soar.

2. Resources dropdown

Some companies like to categorize Tourials as a resource, similar to ebooks and blogs, for website visitors to gain an understanding of your product. Whether you’ve created several Tourials or one, linking to a specific page through your Resources dropdown is an effective way to ensure visitors can quickly find any Tourial.

3. Product dropdown

Similar to the resources dropdown, a Product dropdown menu makes sense for many companies. As visitors browse through feature pages, integrations, and the like, a Platform Overview Tourial link within this dropdown creates a natural step for them to see your software at a high level.

4. CTA collection

If you have a section on your site where there are multiple CTAs or site links, add a Tourial CTA so visitors have the option to see your platform before starting a free trial, for example.

5. Banner

Recently launched a new Tourial? Promote it with a dropdown banner! You’ll be able to see how many visitors are getting to your Tourial from the banner link compared to any other promotion locations, and it’s a simple way to grab a visitor’s attention no matter what page they landed on.

6. Main nav link

Perhaps you're looking for a more direct way to promote your Tourial. If your navigation is more simplistic or you want to avoid dropdown menus altogether, adding a link directly to the navigation is the method for you. Plus, it’s a sure-fire way to ensure visitors don’t miss your Tourial!

7. Main nav CTA

This functions almost the same way as placing a Tourial CTA in the hero of your homepage. But with a button in the main navigation, visitors can easily access your Tourial from any page. This comes in handy when people initially land on an interior page and might otherwise miss a CTA button located elsewhere.

8. Product page hero CTA

Your company may have several products, each with its own Tourial. In that case, place a CTA in the hero of each product page to allow visitors to quickly access the Tourial for the product they’re most interested in.

9. Image CTA

This example might look like an embedded Tourial on a page, but it’s actually a clickable image. A visitor sees the image and clicks the “Start Tour” button to open a Tourial pop-up.

10. Chatbot

If you have a chatbot on your website, this is a fantastic place to promote your Tourials and also allow visitors to self-serve.

11. Exit Pop-up

Exit pop-ups can increase conversions and reduce bounce rates by providing visitors with a final way to view your Tourial and (hopefully) convert. It also gives you an opportunity to promote it one last time - just in case your visitor landed on some page and didn’t see it.

There you have it! With so many ways to promote your Tourials, you can test which work best for your business and your target audience.

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